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Critical Thinking

Some notes on critical thinking from Mickey

Critical Thinking

Learning to think critically requires activity rather than passivity on the part of the thinker.

To improve your critical thinking skills (e.g., developing problem-solving skills/strategies, seeing things from multiple points of view, expanding your knowledge base and becoming motivated to use newly acquired critical thinking skills in daily life), you must actively:

(a)read, listen, and observe carefully, (identify and formulate questions,

(b) organize your thoughts on an issue or topic,

(c) note similarities and differences,

(d) make deductions by reasoning from general to specific,

(e) distinguish between logically valid and invalid inferences.


Be Curious

Focus 100% on the Opportunity/Problem

Define Opportunity/Problem

Gather Information

Develop Alternatives


Commit to action

Focus 0% Subconscious


Some more things to think about:

The truth is that there is nothing within us that can hurt us; it is only our fear of experiencing our own feelings that keeps us trapped.  The more you use creative visualization to love and serve others as well as your own highest ends, the more love, happiness, and success will just naturally find there way to you.  Creativity is about affirming your life-not just making a masterpiece.  The fundamental process of creative visualization is simply this-to imagine as clearly and realistically as possible what you want to happen, as if it has already happened or is already happening, thus creating an inner experience of what it would be like to have your desire come true.

Look at and determine your “character.”

Raise your standards

Change your limiting beliefs

Check and understand your self BIAS.

Change your strategy.

Commit to:

1. Emotional Mastery

2. Physical Mastery

3. Relationship Mastery

4. Financial Mastery

5. Time Mastery

Personality Factors: “Big Five Traits”

1. Extraversion

2. Agreeableness

3. Conscientiousness

4. Neuroticism

5. Openness to Experience

Intelligence: Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Model

Linguistic- Sensitivity to meaning and use of words

Musical-Sensitivity to pitch and tone

Logical-Mathematical – Used in solving mathematical problems and in logical thinking as in science

Spatial-reasoning- Ability to grasp how objects orient in space, which can be very useful in art and navigation

Movement and bodily kinesthetic-found in dancers and athletes

Interpersonal-sensitivity to people and an ability to understand what motivates them, how to work effectively with them, and how to lead and follow.

Intrapersonal- Understanding one’s own emotions and being able to draw on them to guide one’s behavior.

Natural-Understanding and relating to the natural world.


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