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Diagnostic Checklist for ADHD

From Brains That Work a Little Bit Differently by Allen D. Bragdon & David Gamon, PhD.

Diagnostic Checklist for ADHD

ADHD is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity for the age and developmental level. Standard diagnosis specifies that by the time a child reaches seven years, at least six of the features listed below under “inattention” plus a combined total of at least six of those items under “hyperactivity” and “impulsivity” must all be present.

1. Inattention

  • Won’t pay attention to details, makes many careless mistakes in school work or other chores;
  • Can’t sustain attention in tasks or games;
  • Seems not to listen properly when spoken to;
  • Doesn’t follow instruction well, and often fails to complete tasks;
  • Has a hard time organizing tasks;
  • Has a hard time with activities or tasks that require sustained mental effort;
  • Frequently loses things needed for tasks or activities, such as pencils, books, toys;
  • Is easily distracted;
  • Is often forgetful in routine activities;

2. Hyperactivity

  • Fidgets or squirms excessively;
  • Leaves seat when sitting in required;
  • Runs around or climbs on things excessively;
  • Has a hard time with quiet activities;
  • Seems in constant motion;
  • Talks excessively.

3. Impulsiveness

  • Blurts out answers before the question has even been finished;
  • Has a hard time waiting to take turn;
  • Interrupts or butts in on others.

Dr. W.M. Hawkins, Ph.D, NCC


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