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Failing Better


Today, Freshly Pressed is this blog quoting Seth Godin. It’s a pretty good summary, and the information about failing is really useful.


Thanks, Beyond Lean for your post, and congratulations on being freshly pressed!

Failure is a great fear for many people, and it often stands in the way of happiness or success. Failure may mean that you didn’t succeed, but fear of failure or being certain that you will fail can prevent you from even trying- which guarantees you won’t succeed. Period.

Here are some additional tips, if you identify with fear of failure:

1) Learn a new activity (anything, honestly) that you do only to enjoy it.  You can do it poorly and have fun. You can do it well and have fun. Success is irrelevant. This is what the original definition of “hobby” was, before we as a society decided we must be the best at everything.

2) Remind yourself that if you are the “best,” others have to fail. Is it fair to take all the success? Sure, we’re competitive, but do you want everyone to fail? Talk about an economic crash…

3) Intentionally do something badly, particularly something that worries you. For example, if you are afraid that no one will find you attractive, go out dressed so that no one could possibly find you attractive.  If you are afraid of giving a poor musical performance, figure out how to do the worst performance anyone could possibly give.   (You had to change yourself to do it, didn’t you?) Moreover, if you intentionally fail, then you also succeeded.

Failure paralyzes us, just as fear does. If we learn how to fail well, or become comfortable with imperfections, we will unlock our potential, abilities, and creativity.